2011 NFL Mock Draft

1 Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton – QB

Carolina had one of the worst offenses in NFL history. They must take a quarterback.

2 Denver Broncos
Marcell Darius – DT

In the last day experts have switched this pick to Von Miller. But the Broncos have Elvis Dumervill (2009 NFL sack leader) and just drafted Robert Ayers so the team should be able to rush the passer from each side. On the other hand the team was ranked 31st in rush defense giving up 154 yards per game (The Bills gave up 170 per game). Switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 the Broncos need defensive lineman — big ones.

3 Buffalo Bills
Von Miller – OLB

I hope Buddy Nix doesn’t do something stupid, like reach for a quarterback. Miller is the Bills new Bruce Smith, even Buffalo’s recional scout Shawn Heinlen has said so.

4 Cincinnati Bengals
A. J. Green

The Bengals do not have their own scouting department. The team depends on a service to rank players. I’m sure this service has A.J. Green ranked higher than Gabbert. CIN’s O ranked 20th last year and to be frank I’m surprised it did that good. If it were me I’d keep drafting Defense. Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator when the Baltimore Ravens tore up the league like the ’84 Bears.

5 Arizona Cardinals
Patrick Peterson – CB

The Cardinals want someone who will make an impact right away. At Qb the best success they had was with vetran Kurt Warner. I think they will try that again. Peterson is a freak with 4.4 speed and weight of 220lbs. He’s one of the top players in the draft, after this the talent level drops from Blue Chip.

6 Cleveland Browns
Julio Jones – WR

This is pretty simple. Did you see the Browns offense last year? Colt McCoy was using an older/slower TE Ben Watson as his primary downfield threat. That’s not good. This offense needs help, and after Julio Jones this 2011 NFL Draft’s WR class is a crapshoot.

7 San Franciscco 49ers
Prince Amukamara – CB

Everybody keeps saying the 49ers need a quarterback, but Alex Smith had a 124 passer rating when throwing to Vernon Davis. The 49ers were 24th in passing yards allowed last year and it was the defensive colapse later last year that killed the team’s season.

8 Tennessee Titans
Nick Fairley – DT

This is probably not going to work well for the Titans. Fairley might not try hard. I don’t know if this draft team knows any better. They could go quarterback but are excited about Fairley being the next Albert Haynesworth. The team likes Andy Dalton but I think Dalton is a backup quarterback type. I don’t think the team will take a chance of rolling the dice on a quarterback. Nobody wants to lose their jobs and Titans owner Bud Adams was born in 1923 and is capable of firing even Jeff Fisher.

9 Dallas Cowboys
Tyron Smith – OT

The Cowboys are torn between Smith and DE J.J. Watt. Here’s why they take the OT — its easier to get a DE than a left tackle. The 2010 Cowboys had WRs but couldn’t protect the QB enough to let the offense run. The running backs also didn’t get any room. Dallas really needs a safety, but there’s none worthy of this pick.

10 Washington Redskins
Blaine Gabbert – QB

Wow, Shanahan would like to trade up to the #2 pick for Gabbert. He doesn’t have to. I don’t like Gabbert. Guy threw 475 times last year and got 16 touchdown passes out of it. My guy Ryan Mallett chucked it 411 times and got 32 TDs. Shannahan likes QBs who can roll out and throw. Gabbert is mobile and can hit the edges.

11 Houston Texans
Robert Quinn – DE

The worst pass defense last year? The Houston Texans. There’s no CBs worthy of this pick so the Texans go for pass rush. This team can put points on the board, only to let the other team come back. Houston had 30 sacks last year (23rd in the NFL), 7 more than the 32st ranked team (Broncos).

12 Minnesota Vikings
Jake Locker – QB

Another team without a quarterback. Brett Favre is done. This team does not have an NFL starting quarterback. Thinking any other direction is just plain silly. Locker is like Favre. HJe gives the team hope. This team needs it.

13 Detroit Lions
De’Quan Bowers – DE

This is one team that passed Bowers’ knee. The team has done a great job building the interior defense and has invested in two safeties in Louis Delmas (2nd round 2009) and Amari Spievey (3rd round 2010). The Lions ranked 6th in sacks last year with 44, the #1 ranked Steelers had 48 and #2 ranked Packers had 47. That would be sweet to see the Lions become sack masters.

14 St. Louis Rams
Corey Luiget – DT

The Rams would love Julio Jones but Jones is a top prospect and would never fall this low. The team loves Corey Liuget and hasn’t been shy about it. This is an easy pick for me to make.

15 Miami Dolphins
Mike Pouncey – OG

The Dolphins couldn’t tun last year and after the season the team said it would get back to pounding the football with a strong running game. That will take a guard and a running back. RB Mark Ingram would be a reach and still leave Miami short of a solid guard and no 2nd round pick to get one (the Dolphins traded this year’s and last year’s 2nd round picks to the Denver Broncos for Brandon Marshall). Look for the Dolphins to make a splash by signing RB DeAngelo Williams as a free agent. Pouncey is gonna go between 15 to 22 in the 1st round.

16 Jacksonville Jaguars
Colin Kaepernick – QB

Everybody keeps thinking this team will draft a DE to get pass rush because the Jags ranked 30th in sacks last year. But they got two DE’s in the 5th round last yearr (Larry Hart & Austen Lane) and spent a 1st round and 2nd round pick on DEs in 2008 (Derick Harvey & Quentin Groves). The team feels it is close to being a Super Bowl contender and is a few peices away. After solidifying the D-Line in 2010/2008 and O-Line in 2009 (Eugene Monroe 1sr rd and Eben Britton 2nd rd) the team has done its homework for a playmaker. In the 2011 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback, Nevada.

17 New England Patriots
J.J. Watt – DE

Do you know when the Patriots started getting really good? In 2001 they drafted Richard Seymour with the 6th overall selection. Seymour caused Ram’s QB Kurt Warner to throw an interception that turned momentum in New England’s favor. The Patriots got Ty Warren in 1st round of the 2003 NFL Draft and finished 14-2 that year, then selected Vince Wilfork in the 1st round of the 2004 draft. Wilfork is a stud in the middle today. After trading Seymour to the Raiders in 2009 the Patriots lost their strength up-front – this is the reason the team didn’t go to the Super Bowl in 2009 or 2010. This team needs to replace Seymour, J.J. Watt is the man.

18 San Diego Chargers
Cameron Jordan – DE

The Chargers also need a DE for their 3-4 defense. Cameron Jordan’s dad played in the NFL (Steve, a Vikings TE) and bloodlines mean a lot when you are drafting tin the 1st round because these kids want to make thier dad’s proud. So the bust factor is low.

19 New York Giants
Anthony Castanzo – T

The Giants love to draft the D-line. Here’s a list: 2010 Jason Pierre-Paul (DE 1st rd) & Linval Joseph (DT 2nd rd). 2006 Mathias Kiwanuka (DE 1st rd). 2005 Justin Tuck (DT 3rd rd). 2003 William Joseph (DT 1st rd) & Osi Umenyiora (DE 2nd rd). So you know they want to rcontrol the line of scrimage. On the O-line the G-Men got William Beatty in 2009 (T 2nd rd) and then you have to go back to 2004 to find Chris Snee (G 23nd rd). This team needs to invest in a tackle. They will take the guy with the most athleticism.

20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Aldon Smith – DE

The Bucs need to take the best defensive end. That’s Alson Smith. They could go with Kyan Kerrigan.

21 Kansas City Chiefs
Gabe Carimi – T

Kansas City needs a tackle to move Brandon Albert out of the LT position. This should have been done last year but the Ciefs got S Eric Berry instead.

22 Indianapolis Colts
Nate Solder – T

Peyton Manning was getting beat up last year. This team needs a left tackle. Luckily the Colts draft 22nd this year (its usually worse) and the teams gets to nab a top tackel prospect.

23 Philadelphia Eagles
Ryan Kerrigan – DE/OLB

I don’t think they go with a corner. Any Reid likes to build the lines and win the line of scrimmage. The right side of the O-line didn’t work out for the eagles last year. So the Eagles could go with tackle, but right tackles are 2nd rd picks.

24 New Orleans Saints
Mark Ingram – RB

In the 2011 NFL Draft the New Orleans will shock the world by picking Mark Ingram, running back, Alabala. Experts think the team will draft defense but the team ranked 4th in the NFL in yards alloweed in 2010. The team nees a tough running back more than anything.

25 Seattle Seahawks
Jimmy Smith – CB

I don’t have a clue who the Seahawks arr gonna pick. The team’s weakness last year was its pass D, which ranked 27th in the NFL. Rick Gosselin has Smith ranked as the 25th best player for the 2011 NFL Draft and I have Smith going 25th by coincidence.

26 Baltimore Ravens
Aaron Williams – CB

Last year I knew the Ravens’ biggest need was QB — and drafted my fantasy teams to benefit from this. Well, the Ravens covered this up last year as the team ranked 21st in passing years allowed. What they didn’t do is sack the quarterback, ranking 27th in sacks (tied with Buffalo). The Ravens love to pressure the quarterback. They would love a WR, but that’s not a good value here. Ray Lewis is 35 and Terrell Suggs is 28 so Akem Ayers would also be nice. Jimmy Smith would have been the pick, but he’s gone.

27 Atlanta Falcons
Cameron Heyward – DE

Atlanta wants to spice things up and grab a playmaker on either side of the ball. Once again there’s no WR worth taking so the Falcons go with defense. The Falons love to pressere the line of scrimage — and blitz all the time. Falcons ranked 20th in pass defense in 2010, 10th in rush defense. Green Bay lit ‘em up in the playoffs. Kroy Biermann, a 5th round pick in 2008, is at the top of the depth chart at LDE.

28 New England Patriots
Derek Sherrod – T

The Patiots are going to take the best player. They go for guys who are talented and fall more than they should have — that’s how they got two top TEs last year. They also need a tackle with Matt Light a free agent (and past his prime). Sebastian Vollmer can start at RT. Guard is also possible as Stephen Neal won’t be back.

29 Chicago Bears
Muhammad Wilkerson – DT

The Bears are gonna go with the best player available at either the OT or DT positions. Tommy Harris used to rush the passer. Muhammad Wilkerson could replace him.

30 New York Jets
Phil Taylor – DT

The Jets will select a DT or a pass-rush linebacker. This team really missed the inside presence of Kris Jenkins after he went down with a tore ACL in 2009. Then in 2010 the comeback lasted one quarter of a game as he tore his ACL again. Ryan likes big guys as there’s too many people walking the face of the earth that are like that. Phil Taylor’s like that at 6’3″ and 337 lbs.

31 Pittsburg Steelers
Brandon Harris – CB

The Steelers need a CB after getting lit up in the Super Bowl by Aaron Rodgers. The staff has been scouting DBs a lot.

32 Green Bay Packers
Danny Watkins – G

Remember two years ago when the Packers gave up a league worst 51 sacks? The team got one offensive lineman in Tackle Bryan Bulaga last year and this year they get one more. You’ve got to protect Aaron Rodgers. I’d rather see them get a guard. GB couldn’t establish a running game last year — and didn’t even try to in the Super Bowl.

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